The Trend in Football Sports Betting aka SboBet

sbobetEvery week this year, we have tried to point out a football sports betting or sbobet trend  in order to help the readers be more successful. This week the trend is the constant ups and downs of the Baltimore Ravens. This season the Ravens have been the perfect example of inconsistency in pro football betting. 2 weeks ago the Ravens beat the Steelers for the 2nd time this year, and looked like one of the top teams in the league. This week the Ravens managed to lose to the lowly Seahawks in which they trailed nearly the entire game. This isn’t the 1st time the Ravens have done that this year. When the Ravens are matched up against a strong team, they are about as much of a sure thing as you can get in football lines betting. The Ravens have beaten every top team they have played…Steelers, Jets, Texans and then the Steelers again, in fact they won 3 of them by more than 2 touchdowns! However, when the Ravens have been matched up against bad teams and been huge football betting odds favorites the Ravens have not only not covered, but have lost most of them! The Ravens have now lost game to the Titans, Jaguars and Seahawks. When you consider the fact that they almost lost to the Cardinals a few weeks ago, it becomes clear that there is clearly something wrong with this Ravens team. Baltimore seems to play to the level of the opposition; they play bad against bad teams, and great against great teams. In order for them to be taken seriously as one of the top teams when it comes to professional football betting, they will need to be a lot more consistent. A secret to betting on football is knowing specifics about a team, and knowing how they play against weaker competition is a very important part of that.

On Sunday, the New England Patriots had won 20 straight games at home in the regular season, and they were facing a Giants team that almost lost to the Dolphins a week ago. So if there seemed to be a lock last week when it came to betting on NFL football the Patriots seemed to be it. But as happens so often in football betting NFL or college (most of the huge upsets come from college football betting lines), a team that looks like it has no chance to win finds a way to pull out a victory. Last week the Giants ended the 20 game home winning streak by the Patriots, and it wasn’t the first time they have done it to the Pats. In fact, this isn’t the 1st time that the Giants have ended a long winning streak for New England. In Superbowl 42, the Giants ended the Patriots bid for a perfect season with a loss in the championship game. Something about the New York Giants defense seems to trouble Brady and Belicheck, like not many other teams can. Every star player or team seems to have a team that they struggle against, and the Giants seem to have Brady’s number. Knowing which teams a player struggles against, and utilizing that to examine football betting odds is actually a secret to betting on football. So pay attention next time, because you never know when the next big upset is going to happen!