What are the Nutritional Values of Ground Venison Recipes?

Venison is the technical term that actually refers to the meat of deer, however according to experts this term also refers to the meat of some other game animals including antelope, caribou, moose and elk. The meat of these animals have gamey flavor just because of the diet they consume. Moreover, the meat of these gamey animals, especially deer meat is very low in fat and calories compared to the meat of beef, thus making it the healthiest and protein rich food to consume. People across the world are now aware about these proteins and hence they prepare a variety of recipes using ground venison. You can make use of the ground venison recipes to prepare casseroles, burgers, sausages, chilies, sauces, soups, and many other delicious things. Moreover, the meals which are prepared using hamburger can also be prepared using the ground venison.

teen health boardsIs it Healthy?

It is for sure that ground venison recipes are relatively low in fat and calories compared to the meat of chicken, pork, lamb and beef. Moreover, deer usually browse grass and they also don’t have access to the luxury of getting fat on corn, thereby the ground venison used for preparing recipes are power packed with omega 3’s and health-giving CLA.

Nutritional Breakdown of Ground Venison

Nutritional content of ground venison varies depending upon the preparation method and cutting techniques. Four ounces of ground venison patty comprises around 6 grams of fat, 18 grams of protein, 208 grams of saturated fat and 133 calories which is very low compared to 4 ounces of lean beef. Moreover, the ground venison recipes supply you with 31% of dietary reference intake of iron for women and 50% for men, plus 80% of DRI of vitamin B-12 and 30% of DRI of vitamin B-6 for adults. Overall, the recipes prepared with ground venison are always healthy in all means.